A 3rd Generation Media Platform

Monetizing Content based on Reputational Scores.

Fake and un-fact checked multi-media content, including
articles, news, reports, images, and videos are constantly
being released into the mainstream media.
Justified content is also being misused and modified to alter
the reality of the content to drive corporate, political,
and social agendas.
This growing problem goes as far as interfering with
democratic and political processes, infiltrating what
would be considered traditionally credible sources.
In parallel with solving this problem, JulianX has the added
benefit of a unique rewards system.


Community Driven Trust Scores

A content platform that enables you to build your own personal reputational brand

Upload your videos and the community will probe your content. The greater the engagement and validation of your content's credibility, the higher your trust score.

Fake content gets called out based on the quality of the evidence. Let's say you Want to post a Flat Earth Video with questionable facts and science - go for it, but this will result in a diminishing trust score.

While your video will never be removed, similar to how ``rotten tomatoes`` review scores, your personal brand along with your content will be impacted.

  • Build Personal Brand The higher the score the more you will be noticed. High scores builds one's ability to influence.
  • Trusted Content Every piece of content will have a trust score. Allows the user to choose what they want to view. Validated vs un-validated content


Montetizing your Content

Customisable Smart Contracts

Upload your content. Verify the content is yours. Create Trust. Build your online reputational score. License your content to earn income removing the middle man.

Customise your licenses. A tailored approach; different licensing for different uses. You define it.
Sell NFTs to anyone or a select group. Your choice. Decide if NFT holders can receive a share of your income, creating an income producing asset for all.
Earn income based on user views with no middle man like YouTube taking the majority of income from the content producer.
Sell NFTs to raise money for a cause. Or sell NFTs to help fund a project. Split the proceeds or don't. It's your choice!

Personalized Reputational Score

Your Identity is your Brand

Fake news is spread by bots and faceless people. Identify yourself but keep your personal details in an encrypted vault - providing the expected level of security of your personal information that only you can access.

The system will ask you to identify yourself like a crypto exchange and assign you an ID. Your name will be made available to all. Everything else is locked in a decentralized encrypted protocol that only you can access.
By design this will be a Bot-Free Ecosystem. All users will be authenticated with no exceptions.
Users with high scores will gain the trust of the community. Earning trust will give you a greater voice in the community. By design, a low trust score will do the opposite and lead to your irrelevance with no option but to leave the platform. Pushing fake and misleading information here is not for this community.
Trusted content can be licensed. Trusted content can be viewed without 'doubt'. Trusted content can be your brand.
Your name is your brand and what you say matters. Principles matter. Join our platform where the first principle is integrity.


Taking a systems approach to monetizing content

Verify your identify
Build your global reputational score online
Smart Contracts
Earn Income

The Detail

Road Map

February 2022

Stage 1 - Draft Whitepaper / Tokenomics

June 2022

Launch Stake pool / build Website

July 2022

Launch on Catalyst

September 2022

Stage 2 - Proof of Concept / Design CX Wireframes

October 2022

Analysis, define and publishes first draft of licensing agreements

November 2022

Alpha Front End Released - Prototype

January 2023

Beta Front end Released

March 2023

Stage 3 - Strategic / Solution Architecture defined

March 2023

Signed partner agreement supporting a distributed, blockchain based file system

March 2023

Marketing Campaign

March 2023

Setup and Launch ISPO

Use Cases

Event Content - Push Notifications

Have footage of an event that has local, national or global reach? License it to producers, news agencies or small websites. Users / new agencies of the platform can receive proactive notifications when content that matches their specific search criteria is met.

Solo Artists - Licensing to Individuals & Large Corporations Alike

License your 1 song to a user trying to build a community elsewhere at a specific rate. Gain exposure. Offer a license to small production companies at a different rate. License to ad creators. Do all of this with specific, customized smart contract licenses. Add conditions to any license and have the smart contract protocols do the rest.

Trades & other - How To Videos

License your content for educational purposes or general users. Bundle your videos and create your own streaming service. Form partnerships with other content producers and offer as a package. Our smart contracts will handle the payments. You just customise the variables of the contract to whatever suits you. It doesn't get any easier!

Documentary Videos & Other

You've created a mini documentary. Let the community deem its worthiness. Well researched documentaries will receive a positive reputational score that can be commercialised. Fake videos highlighting the ``world is flat`` will fail - they are best suited for platforms like YouTube.

Drone Operators

Take aerial footage of a city or landscape. License it to producers, city planners, farmers, etc. Imagine having aerial footage of Dubai from 1986? License to film producers creating a movie set in that era.

Funny Cat Videos

Limit the number of times a video can be viewed (per user). The video can still go viral but users will need to pay a token to view which could be based on a set cap of views per time period - and this is monetized - It's up to you.

Cooking Videos

Produce cooking videos and with a premium license (subscription service) offer a downloadable recipe list. Earn income from downloads over volumes of views - just another feature option!

Images, Sound-Bits & Memes - Protect Your Content

Have you taken an awesome picture, created a sound-bit or maybe created a unique image? License it. Sell it as a NFT. All content will have a secure digital key so they cannot be reproduced with others knowing it. Did you create a Meme and now someone has transposed political messages over the top of it? They will be exposed. Based on identify management, we will also know who did this and their reputational score will drop.


Media giants are modifying & stealing your true content & promoting it with fake content

It's time to disrupt and take their power away

YouTube Revenue 2021
based on content
= $28.8 USD
For every 100K views
a channel will
be paid $50.00 USD (avg)
YouTube is alike to Google
= no privacy
You can buy 'followers' on
almost all social platforms
No personal impact for spreading
lies and fake news


ISPO Launch

  • Token name:JulianX
  • Ticker Symbol:JX
  • Fundraising Goal:2.8M ADA
  • Start Date March2023
  • End DateAug 2023
  • Number of Epochs 30 (1 epoch = 5 days)
  • Minimum Staking Amount1 ADA
  • Total # of Staking Pools2
  • Maximum # of ADA staked per pool65M
  • Total Amount of JX Tokens Available750M (18.5% of Total Float)
  • Rewards1 ADA = 0.20 JX per Epoch
General description

The JulianX token will be issued on the 3rd generation Cardano platform. Users will be able to add or remove their staked amounts at any time. There is no lockup period.

Utilising the Cardano standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration with other third parties.

Our data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of Tokens

Total token supply - $ 4,000,000,000

  • 18.75% Initial Stake Pool Offering
  • 18% Team
  • 15.25% DAO Treasury / Rewards
  • 15% Public Sale
  • 10% Private Investors
  • 10% Marketing & Partnerships
  • 8% Infrastructure and Integration
  • 5% Legal & Regulatory


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s pretty straightforward. 

Step 1 – Buy Cardano (ADA) from any exchange or swapping service.

Step 2 – Transfer your coins to a recognized wallet such as Yoroi or Daedalus. We recommend Yoroi. Unlike Yoroi, Daedalus is a node and as such, you would have to download the entire Cardano Blockchain to utilise.

Step 3 – Follow the instructions to open the account. When opening an account you will be asked to write down a unique 21 character length code. This is your key. Never share this key. Don’t worry, you won’t need this to access your account but you will need this if you forget your password and delete the application.

Step 3 – To transfer your coins simply follow the instructions provided via your selected wallet. Once your ADA has been transferred to your wallet click on “staking” and search for JulianX or use our ticker symbol JX.

Step 4 – Once you have found JX simply click ‘delegate’ and that’s it. Congratulations!

You sure can! No lock-up periods. No artificial barriers. We are not a bank. However, we do offer a one-off bonus if you choose to stay with us for the long haul (it’s really not that long). Depending on how much you stake with us, you could earn up to an additional 25% bonus of the earned income feature promised to all ISPO stakers.

Yes – Stake pool delegates will have the ability to go in and out. However, the longer you are staked with us, the greater the bonus you will receive. 

Our calculations are based on 2 stake pools each holding 65M ADA and any outstanding JulianX tokens being distributed back to the rewards and partnerships program. This amount of JulianX tokens is fixed at 1ADA=0.2 JX. This won’t change.

The JulianX (JX) token is a utility “coin”. It will be used in all aspects of our operations. Content producers will earn JX that can then be traded or swapped for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency. The full use of our token is vast and is defined in our white paper.

Every jurisdiction is different and there is finally a push for governments to  begin regulating the cryptocurrency industry, but in a consistent and fair manner that won’t stifle innovation or diminish privacy concerns. Cardano utilizes a Proof of Stake mechanism that allows users to earn ADA in return for their participation in the staking process. At JulianX, we are doing exactly the same thing. Staking with JulianX will allow you to participate in the staking operation within the Cardano ecosystem. 


About Us

team profile
Philip Grech
Co-founder and Chief Unicorn Wrangler

Phil has been consulting and project managing for about 23 years logging over 45,000 hours of delivery experience. He enables business through vision, innovation, human-centric design, cloud architectures, business processes, new product or service launches, and change management. Phil builds and retains effective and productive teams who are energised by his drive to be great. Phil has a true adventurous spirit. He has climbed mountains, run marathons, ran with the bulls, and even solo-cycled across Australia unassisted in the summer.

team profile
Julio Medeiros
Co-founder and Back End Smart Contract Magician

Julio is a talented developer who is looking to change the world. He has been developing software since his early teenage years and was a pioneer Stake Pool operator for the Cardano Ecosystem. Julio has been writing smart contracts and testing the boundaries for about 3 years now. First in the Ethereum ecosystem but now working exclusively in the Cardano ecosystem. Julio is a prolific surfer and snowboarder.

team profile
Joel Denning
Operational Ninja and Executive Sherpa

Joel is the ultimate Sherpa. He just gets things done. We honestly don’t know how but somehow he turns ideas into deliverables. Joel has over 20 years of experience in the field of project planning, business development (partnerships) and business administration such as procurement and HR. In his spare time, Joel is a family man who isn’t scared to throw back a few cold ones and listen to live music.

team profile
Clarence Wissar
Full Stack Wizard and Smart Contract Sorcerer

Clarence is a true wizard. Some believe his development skills come from the Gods but we think Clarence found the “One-Ring” that unites them all, and with it the immortal power it beholds. Clarence cut his smart contract stripes on the Ethereum ecosystem but has since moved over to the Cardano ecosystem. Clarence is big into mountain biking, and hiking.


team profile
Phil Gadzinski

Phil has over 20 years of experience specialising in strategy, transformation and enterprise agility.

team profile
Pavel Entin

Seasoned investment and technological professional. 26 years of professional experience in technologies, VC/PE and investment banking.


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